Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts From The Past!

I opened my blog yesterday & relaized how much I've missed it. I know that blogging world isn't the same anymore. I am having lots of thought. To come back or not? That's my question. One thing I am sure of, I missed my old friends/bloggers a lot. Love, Big Pearls.


  1. wow!!!! this morning i was organizing my google reader and i came across your blog and now there is a new post from you!!

    we miss you


    wesh thaa elethee 3ainiii teshoofaaa wajh el bader aw ma6la3 el shams :O

    :D :D

  3. Waw I was thinking about my blog too.. I miss it but mostly I miss my old blog buddies, like you :( yes come back and post when you feel like it..

  4. I was a silent reader for a really long time and I don't think I ever commented before. I really loved your blog, it was unique and real. I am sure if I was a silent reader, you probably had many more like me that enjoyed it. hope you do return :) f

  5. OMG BIG PEARLS I MISSS you ive been thinking about you the past days!!!!!
    BTW i used to go by (Anoosa) for my blog
    i REAAAALLY misss you!!!! im so glad i noticed that you are back!!! you should totally go back!!! <333

  6. you should come back!!! definitely :D